About Me

Minimalist Lifestyle

I started this page to vent my frustration about how many people I meet on a daily basis that cant figure out why they don’t have any money at the end of the month or worse they are still living paycheck to paycheck even though they have had a few promotions along the way.

I had the same conversations day in and day out about the need to build a life filled with value rather than the quick hits that a credit card may get you or the ‘wants’ of someone’s life without actually saving up for it. It can be hard at times to realize that we are overspending and there seems to be always a bill that you need to pay but if you structure your life and create a plan to budget accordingly there may be hope!

I’ve worked in banking for almost a decade and I’m here to just offer my opinion about how I have been able to save money, live debt free, and travel the world anytime I want! I’m willing to show you some tips, tricks, and common sense about saving, lending, investment, and protecting your hard earned money from yourself!

Keep life simple.